Diswasher liquid
Diswasher liquid Diswasher liquid

Diswasher liquid

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The domestic THEONE product family is the result of long-term product development. The series combines domesticity, know-how, respect for nature, quality, state-of-the-art technology and a visually elegant whole. The packaging is designed to be happy to leave, as its minimalist look is suitable for a wide range of interiors to brighten up the look of the bathroom, utility room and kitchen. TheONE biodegradable laundry detergents and dishwashing detergents are manufactured using new domestic, environmentally friendly and patented technology. In REACH-approved production, all by-products are recycled or recovered. The products do not harm the environment or nature if they get there. The products in the series are biodegradable. The products can also be used in cold water. None of the products in the series have been tested on animals and do not contain harmful dyes or bleaches. One of the most interesting products in the THEONE product line is the scented laundry vinegar, which is made from genuine domestic grain. The fragrance of the AURORA series is an exceptionally clean fresh fragrance developed by Finland's only perfumer Max Joacim Perttula, inspired by the Finnish summer and carpeted piers, as well as the purity of domestic nature with its lake landscape. All Theone products are designed and manufactured 100% in Finland. 500ml.

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