Essential Tea Tree Oil
Essential Tea Tree Oil
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Essential Tea Tree Oil

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Island Taika steam scents and essential oils are created from different parts of authentic naturally occurring plants and flowers. Our essential oils are usually prepared by either the cold press method or steam distillation. The Taia steam scents on the island are self-developed relaxing and functional blends of various essential oils. The scents have been created here at our own Magic Factory as a result of lengthy experiments. Our steam scents are very plentiful, just 1 drop in a scoop of water!The island's Taia essential oils are suitable for steam fragrances, aromatherapy, home cleaning and cosmetics. Tea tree essential oil is a powerful and non-irritating antiseptic used to treat skin problems such as wounds and scratches, burns, rashes, bug stings and dandruff. Size: 10ml INCI: Melaleuca alternifolia The essential oils of the island of Taia are either cold-pressed or produced by steam distillation from various parts of authentic naturally occurring plants and flowers, and are not mixed with other substances. Please follow the general dosing instructions / restrictions for essential oils in aromatherapy and cosmetics! Most essential oils must not be used on the skin as such! Manufacturer: Taika Taika, Särkisalo

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