Grease soap
Grease soap
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Grease soap

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Multi-purpose and all-natural power soap for very dirty hands!FAT BUTTON SOAP®Grease Button Soap is used by car mechanics, gardeners and painters alike. It is a non-toxic and gentle hand soap that cleans even the dirt from your hands. Read about our customers' experiences of the unbeatable power of Fat Button Soap.The effective Island Magic Grease Button Soap is, as the name implies, made to clean even the heaviest dirt. It is suitable for RenovationRocks and Disputes, Green Thumbs as well as car riders and there is no dirt for which the “Fat Button” could not be tried!Organic coconut oil acts as an effective cleanser. It gives the soap a rich and soft lather.Organic rapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E and is very effective in moisturizing the skin. The foam provided by rapeseed oil is creamy and fluffy.The coffee beans contained in Saari Taika Rasvanäpi soap are fair trade organic coffee collected by women.Gently exfoliating coffee beans enhance the effectiveness of the soap and give it its beautiful color and aroma.Weight approx. 105gNatural, vegan, organic, fragrance freeINCI: Sodium Cocoate, Rapeseedate, Aqua, Glyserin, Coffea ArabicaINGREDIENTS: Soaped coconut and rapeseed oil, water, glycerin, coffeeMade by hand in Särkisalo, Finland

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