Savoin noir Blacksoap
Savoin noir Blacksoap Savoin noir Blacksoap Savoin noir Blacksoap Savoin noir Blacksoap

Savoin noir Blacksoap

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Tradition Lavandière- Black soapThe black soap from the Tradition Lavandière series by Plantes & Parfums de Provence naturally cleans all surfaces in the home. Made in Provence, France, traditional black soap contains genuine olive and linseed oil.Completely biodegradable.

Black soapSavon de Menage100% natural product.made in France using traditional methodsEasily removes dirt stains without harsh scrubbing, suitable for all surfaces in the homeand for all home cleaning.Organic black soap is known for its good antiseptic properties and gentleness.Black soap does not contain added chemicals, such as preservatives, dyes or fragrances.It has a natural earthy scent.FLOORS, etc.WASHING SURFACES:1.5 dl of black soap + 5 l of hand-warm water.In very difficult stains, you can put soap directly on the stain and/or on the washcloth.WASHING WINDOWS:a tablespoon of black soap + 1 liter of lukewarm water, use a microfiber cloth when washing the windows.LEATHER SOFA bags etc.:0.5l of hand-warm water + a generous tablespoon of black soap.REMOVAL OF LICE IN THE GARDEN:5 tablespoons of black soap + 10 liters of water. Spray on the plant.

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