Laundry vinegar linen
Laundry vinegar linen
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Laundry vinegar linen

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A few capfuls of laundry vinegar are put in the washing machine's rinse aid tank, instead of regular rinse aid. If you have not used laundry vinegar before, add only a little at first and increase the amount according to the need and the amount of laundry and the desired scent strength. However, a small amount of this is enough.Benefits of laundry vinegar in laundry:*Removes detergent residues from laundry*Your laundry will be soft and wonderfully fresh*Prevents detergent deposits in the washing machine and keeps the machine clean and fresh*Removes odors, e.g. smoke, mold, grease, sweat*Brightens colors*Removes stains*Reduces electricity*Ecological*Generally does not contain allergenic and sensitizing substances. (Vinegar hypersensitivity does exist, however, but it is not known that using it as a fabric softener would be harmful)*Antiseptic*Removes yellowing*Works like a rinse aidDoes not deteriorate the absorbency of towels, for example, like commercial fabric softeners, which leave a film and which "clog" and spoil the fibers.USE: 2-4 caps in the washing machine tank, depending on the laundry and its amount.For washing shelves etc. approx. 0.5dl of laundry vinegar / approx. 5l of water.Laundry vinegar is an old and excellent cleaning agent that is suitable for many different applications. It can even be considered a general cleaner. In addition, the product is safe and environmentally friendly. Shake before use.It is recommended to be used with a completely fragrance-free laundry detergent, so that you get the best result.Does not tolerate direct sunlight or cold.Store at room temperature.Note Vinegar is not suitable for use on the following surfaces:- Uncoated aluminum- Marble- Car paint surfacesContains: White wine vinegar (acetic acid content approx. 6%), natural perfumes

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