Laundry vinegar Cotton
Laundry vinegar Cotton

Laundry vinegar Cotton

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Pure cotton scent.The series combines domesticity, know-how, respect for nature, quality, top technology and a visually elegant whole.The packaging is designed in such a way that you will be happy to leave it on display, as its minimalist appearance is suitable for many types of interior decoration to brighten up the look of the bathroom, utility room and kitchen.The products can also be used in cold water. None of the products in the series have been tested on animals and do not contain harmful dyes or bleaches.One of the more interesting products of the THEONE® product line is the scented laundry vinegar, which is made from genuine domestic grain.Suitable for use on all materials. Does not contain dyes or brighteners.All THEONE® products are designed and manufactured 100% in Finland.The benefits of THEONE® laundry vinegar in laundry    Freshens the laundry    Removes detergent residues from laundry and washing machine    keeps the machine clean and fresh.    Removes odors, e.g. smoke, mold, grease, sweat.    Brightens colors.    Removes stains.    Ecological.    Antiseptic.    Eliminates yellowing    Extends the life of clothes USE:2-4 capfuls of washing machine rinse aid in the tankDosage: 10-20ml of washing machine rinse aid in the compartment.


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