Laundry vinegar Eden garden
Laundry vinegar Eden garden

Laundry vinegar Eden garden

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Laundry vinegar: Used in place of fabric softener A few caps of laundry vinegar are placed in the rinse aid dispenser of the washing machine, instead of the usual rinse aid. If you have not used laundry vinegar before, add a little at first and increase the amount according to the need and the amount of laundry and the desired scent strength. However, a small amount of this is enough. Benefits of laundry vinegar in laundry: * Removes detergent residues from laundry * Your laundry will be soft and wonderfully fresh * Prevents detergent deposits in the washing machine and keeps the machine clean and fresh * Eliminates odors e.g. smoke, home, fat, sweat * Brightens colors * Removes stains * Reduces electricity * Ecological * Generally free of allergenic and sensitizing substances. (However, a sensitivity to vinegar exists, but it is not known that its use as a rinse aid would be harmful) *Antiseptic * Eliminates yellowing * Acts as a fabric softener For example, the absorbency of towels, such as commercial fabric softeners, which leave a film and “clog” and spoil the fibers, is not impaired. USE: 2-4 caps in the tank of the washing machine depending on the laundry and its quantity. For washing benches etc. approx. 0.5dl laundry vinegar /n.5l water. Laundry vinegar is an old and excellent cleaning agent that is suitable for many different uses. It can even be considered a general purpose cleaner. In addition, the product is safe and environmentally friendly. Shake before use. Recommended for use with a completely odorless laundry detergent for best results. Does not tolerate direct sunlight or cold. Store at room temperature. Note. Vinegar is not suitable for use on the following surfaces: - Uncoated aluminum - Marble - Car paint surfaces

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