Lovi Labrador black
Lovi Labrador black
Lovi Finland

Lovi Labrador black

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A Labrador loves his pack, whether the members are animals, people or soft toys. This gentle pusher is always in front of you, wagging his tail enthusiastically. You don't have to curl up alone in the corner of the sofa in the evenings, our four-legged friend is guaranteed to be with you.The Lovi labrador arrives at you in three different colors – black, brown and wood-colored – rolls onto its back and waits for endless crunches. This product has slightly more parts than usual, but assembly is easy with the help of the clear instructions included in the package. Start assembling from the body, add the head and finally press the ears into place.When the Lovi Labrador has settled into your own home, send a wonderful surprise to your friend as well. Because every kitchen needs its own security guard.

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