Lovi swallow black 10cm
Lovi swallow black 10cm
Lovi Finland

Lovi swallow black 10cm

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The Lovi swallow has woken up to the first rays of the morning sun. It sits for a moment to observe the landscape before taking to its wings again. The streamlined tail is as if designed to keep flight paths under control in fast flight.When autumn comes, flocks of swallows gather on power lines to plan their migration south.The general color of the swallows is black, but Lovi's selection also includes dark blue and light blue options. There are three sizes, 10cm, 15cm and 20cm. The smallest swallow is suitable for sitting on a 55cm Lovi tree or a 50cm Lovi fir branch. The medium size fits the following Lovi trees: Lovi tree 108cm, Lovi tree 135cm, Lovi fir 100cm and Lovi fir 120cm and the largest size for the products Lovi tree 200cm and Lovi fir 180cm.Order the Lovi pigeon and assemble it using the instructions that come with the package. Place the happy chirping bird on the edge of a bookshelf, in an office or on a windowsill to observe the flying mother. You can also surprise your friend and send him a wonderful gift.

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