Lovi sydän red 4.5cm
Lovi sydän red 4.5cm Lovi sydän red 4.5cm Lovi sydän red 4.5cm
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Lovi sydän red 4.5cm

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The Lovi-heart is a beautiful hanging decoration that can be assembled from six parts.The heart is a thousands-year-old symbol of love and caring. The source of life and the abode of the life force. Its shape reflects warm feelings, affection and mutual understanding. The message of the heart symbol is the same almost all over the world: "I love you." You are important to me." Already in the 1910s, hearts were drawn on Valentine's cards.The Lovi heart is a wonderful gift for a spouse, mother, father, child or dear friend. Send greetings to those who mean a lot.All our products are made from domestic, environmentally friendly birch plywood.

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