Novapuu soapdish
Novapuu soapdish
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Novapuu soapdish

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The soap dish has through holes from which excess water can drain away and the piece of soap can dry between uses, so your piece of soap does not run out so quickly.The soap dish is made of strong and high-quality alder, which is environmentally friendly heat-treated to increase the moisture resistance of the wood and provide protection against bacteria.The heat treatment emphasizes the beautiful even color of the wood and gives the alder used in the soap dish a fresh scent.The soap dish has been treated with pure paraffin oil, which gives the wood even more protection from moisture and helps keep it hygienic.Paraffin oil is absorbed deep into the causes of the wood, effectively repelling water and preventing dirt from sticking to the surface of the soap dish.Paraffin oil does not let in color when wet or rancid in use, like some oil pressed from plants used for wood surface treatment. It gives the heat-treated alder a wonderful dark hue and accentuates its enchanting grain patterns.The carefully thought-out and simple design of the soap vessel is suitable for both rustic and modern interiors.Each soap dish is made and finished by hand, thus guaranteeing the high quality of the product.Soap Vessel Care Instructions: To extend the life of your gorgeous soap vessel, it should be treated from time to time.To clean the dish, you can wash it under warm water by rubbing off the soap residue with a cloth or brush. Rinse the washer thoroughly after washing.Then take half a lemon and squeeze the juices from it on a plate. Rub lightly with a rag or kitchen towel all over. Citric acid helps to disinfect the wood surface and remove odors from it.If necessary, the worn or scratched surface can be lightly sanded with fine sandpaper (120/240).Once the alum has dried, we recommend lubricating it with natural linseed oil or some cooking oil found at home.Take the oil on a lint-free cloth or kitchen towel and spread it all over the surface of the vessel.You can also pour the oil into a container and immerse the vessel there, giving the through holes a new oil surface.Allow the oil to soak for a moment, after which you can wipe off the excess oil with kitchen paper.The oil protects the vessel from moisture and the surface remains breathable.Manufacturer: Novapuu, MarttilaBrand: Novapuu



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