Room fragrances Meadow lily
Room fragrances Meadow lily Room fragrances Meadow lily
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Room fragrances Meadow lily

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Scents have been studied to have an effect on our mood and emotions. A home decorated with scents is not only to pamper our senses, but also to have excellent mood control.Our room fragrances combine the most luxurious fragrance oils in the world with the highest quality essential oils. Their unified world of scents immerses you in the interaction of feelings!You can adjust the intensity of the scent with five handmade scent sticks made of eco-friendly material.Our scents are non-alcoholic and therefore very rich and long lasting (6-12 months!). The fragrance base we use is biodegradable.The size of the room fragrance is 200ml and the duration is about 6-12 months!The meadow lily combines floral scents with a hint of musk. It features jasmine, white neroli and iris, as well as a touch of amber and creamy vanilla.Read our customers' experiences of our room fragrances!Usage: Unscrew the silver collar and remove the cover. Then turn the silver collar back to bring a luxurious look. Add scented sticks according to the desired scent intensity. You can use only 1-2 sticks to get the softest scent and 5 sticks to get the strongest scent. On first use, dip the sticks for about a minute and turn to allow the fragrance to spread into the room. You can even omit the sticks altogether if you wish. Turning the sticks regularly will give you a stronger scent for your space.The fragrance sticks (5 pcs) are packed inside the room fragrance package, tightly in the corner of the box.

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