Rooma fragnance Cherry 100ml
Rooma fragnance Cherry 100ml

Rooma fragnance Cherry 100ml

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Charming fragrances made in Geneva, France, made from genuine natural ingredients Scents strongly affect the mood and create a large part of the atmosphere of the home. The bouquet spreads a pleasant aroma to the room air wonderfully evenly. The beautiful glass bottle has a captivating, authentic scent. The sticks in the bouquet are bamboo. Great gift idea that will delight for a long time! Our wide selection offers individual fragrances for every taste. The fragrance sticks / fragrance bouquet is packed in a beautiful box. Instructions for use: Turn the scented sticks at least once a week to maintain the scent. Duration approx. 4-8 weeks depending on room temperature, humidity, sunlight and number of sticks. Note! If you just want a mild scent in the room, use just a few sticks.  100ml

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