Roomfragnance Vanilla/peony
Roomfragnance Vanilla/peony
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Roomfragnance Vanilla/peony

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Scents have been studied to have an effect on our moods and emotions. A home decorated with scents is not only a treat for our senses, but also an excellent mood control. Our room fragrances combine the most luxurious fragrance oils in the world with the highest quality essential oils. Their unified world of scents immerses you in the interaction of feelings! You can adjust the intensity of the scent with five eco-friendly materials made by hand. Our scents are non-alcoholic and therefore they are very rich and long lasting (6-12 months!). The fragrance base we use is biodegradable. The size of the room fragrance is 200ml and the duration is about 6-12 months! A wonderful scent of flowering peony with a hint of vanilla! The top notes stand out with jasmine, gardenia, lily and vanilla at the bottom. “Vanilla and peony smell soft and fresh. Stylish glass gives the perfect finishing touch. ” Read our customers' experiences of our room fragrances! The fragrance contains: 4-tert-Butylcyciohexyl Manufacturer: Taika Taika, Särkisalo Country of manufacture: Sweden

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