Scented candle in vegan cotton
Scented candle in vegan cotton

Scented candle in vegan cotton

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GLASS SHELL! NOT BY MAIL!All the waxes used to make the candles are plant-based and carefully selected for their burning and diffusion quality properties. The wax is heated and mixed, after which Grasse perfumes are added. Pouring and inserting the cotton heart of the candle is done by hand one candle at a time. The upholstery of the candles is also made entirely by hand.Natural vegetable wax is an old and natural ingredient that burns perfectly. The scent emitted from the candle leaves no dark marks and does not form smoke. Natural plant wax promotes diffusion excellently, which in turn allows precise separation of fragrance notes.Our candles are scented with natural and subtly selected scents. They create a sophisticated and warm atmosphere around them.GLASS SHELL! NOT BY MAIL!



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