Scented candle Meadow lily vegan
Scented candle Meadow lily vegan Scented candle Meadow lily vegan
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Scented candle Meadow lily vegan

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The beautiful soy wax candle is cast in elegant smoky gray glass, whose timeless design is suitable for the decoration of both modern and rustic homes.The meadow lily combines floral scents with a hint of musk. It features jasmine, white neroli and iris, as well as a touch of amber and creamy vanilla.When the candle runs out, the jar can be used for small storage or as a tealight, ecological! The heart is unbleached cotton.Our candles are handmade, made of natural and environmentally friendly soy wax. The candles burn cleanly and non-toxic.50% of the enchanting scent of candles and room fragrances is a blend of 100% natural essential oils and the other 50% are fragrance oils produced mainly in Grasse, the Mecca of perfumes, but also to some extent in established perfume factories in the EU. The base into which the oils are mixed is biodegradable.Burns non-toxic (does not emit toxins such as hydrocarbons, etc.)Usage: The candle should be burned for the first time until the molten area reaches the edges. The burning time of N.3-4h prevents the formation of a pit in the candle and the wax remaining on the edges. The heart wire should be trimmed with scissors by cutting so that it is constantly about 1cm long and there is no "clump" at the end to increase the flame.Size: 300ml. Burning time approx. 45h. 100% soy wax.

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