Shepherd Liselott slippers grey
Shepherd Liselott slippers grey Shepherd Liselott slippers grey
Shepherd of Sweden

Shepherd Liselott slippers grey

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Shepherd Liselott. Soft wool slippers with decorative flowers. Insole made of wool, which allows good support and shock absorption. Rubber outsole.Instructions for washing and caring for sheepskin and wool slippersAvoid washing if possible. If you need to wash your slippers, we recommend a hand wash or a washing machine wool program at 30 degrees. Use a mild and gentle detergent, preferably wool shampoo. Drying must be done as naturally as possible, ie allow it to dry on its own at normal room temperature. Preferably put paper in the shoe / slipper for best shape. When the product is dry, you can restore the original appearance of the mocha / wool by brushing with a soft brush. Avoid direct sunlight and do not place the product near a radiator during drying. Please note that our slippers with foil print must not be washed.

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