Washing brush
Washing brush Washing brush
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Washing brush

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The completely plastic-free washing brush is made of fast-regenerating bamboo, and its sturdy sisal bristles made from its sisal gaag plant effectively clean even the most stubborn dirt.It is suitable for dishwashing, cleaning, root brush, nail brush, carpet washing and much more.Thanks to the durable handle, the washing brush lasts a long time in use and, due to its design, fits perfectly in the user's hand.Bamboo is inherently antibacterial and highly resistant to moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface of the material, keeping it hygienic.Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world that does not require pesticides or fertilizer to grow. It takes carbon from the air and produces more oxygen than any tree and grows back and forth from where it is cut. It produces up to 15 miles of bamboo sticks!

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